Spilrollespil.dk wanted a namechange and therefore a new brand identity.
They wanted a logo, and some social media content, that would help them shape their brand in the future.

Rollespil (LARP) is a improv-theatrical hobby, with a lot of diversity. Some play orcs and elves in a local forest, some play centuries-old vampires in the middle of the city and some draw chalked lines on a floor and imagine the setting from there as they play out drama without a script.
It's more than a hobby, to most, it's a lifestyle.

Spilrollespil.dk wanted a logo that would break the medieval imagery that somehow plague the whole brand of Larping, as it is so much more.
The logo is formed by a lot of pentagon shapes, designed to resemble tower shields. When put in order like this, it somehow resemble the scales of a dragon or the tire tracks of a glorious Mad Max-esque V8-rig.
The colour in the background is optional, as it should be used in a lot of different settings.
The logo is used as the template for a photogrid, for promotional purposes.
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